What is HEC-6T?

“Sedimentation in Stream Networks” (HEC-6T) is an enhancement of the U.S. Government Computer Program “Scour and Deposition in Rivers and Reservoirs” (HEC-6). HEC-6T is a proprietary program owned by MBH Software, Inc.

There are many features in HEC-6T that are not in the Library Version of HEC-6. Some of the most significant features that are in HEC-6T that are not in the Library Version of HEC-6 are:

  • Plotting with MBH’s Plotter.
  • Calculating flow around islands and into distributaries.
  • Simulating sedimentation processes following dam removal.
  • Calculating long-term sedimentation processes with stream restoration.
  • Calculating channel widening with degradation.
  • Calculating local outflows as percentages of approaching discharges.
  • Simulating dredging at specified rates with disposal into water column.

Who can HEC-6T help?

  • People studying rivers for the purpose of channel restoration, flood control, navigation, environmental enhancement, stable channel design, reservoir capacity studies, and irrigation and drainage canals.
  • People studying dam removal or relicensing.
  • People involved in the movement of sediments at Superfund sites.
  • People studying the containment of mine tailings.
  • People studying watershed sedimentation processes following a fire.

What can HEC-6T provide?

  • It calculates the water surface and bed surface profiles.
  • It simulates the 5 basic processes of sedimentation:
    1. Erosion
    2. Entrainment (moving particles from the boundary into the water column)
    3. Transportation (moving particles along with the flow of water)
    4. Deposition (particles settling out of the water column onto the boundary)
    5. Compaction of the deposits (squeezing the water out and making the deposits more dense)

When is HEC-6T helpful?

  • In project formulation, when sedimentation is the significant issue, use HEC-6T to evaluate alternatives.
  • In design and operation, use HEC-6T to evaluate reliability and maintenance.


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